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“IoTty” - the factory for the “Internet of Things”

IoTty was created with the objective of developing and introducing digital devices that today go by the name of IoT

Who we are

The Dalmine startup success

IoTty is a startup founded at the end of 2015 within the Dalmine “Incubator” zone created by Bergamo Development, a department of the Chamber of Commerce of Bergamo. IoTty was created with the objective of developing and marketing digital devices and services, known today as the “Internet of Things “ (IoT).
Roberto Zappa, is a son of the founder of Sematic Italia, an Elevator Component manufacturer. From 1998 to 2015 he was the president of the world renowned Sematic Group, with its headquarters based in Osio Sotto.

With a history of success in Bergamo, Roberto Zappa, as an engineer and entrepreneur fascinated by technology, believes that Dalmine is the best area to invest in this startup. He believes that with the support of the local Public administration, the Chamber of Commerce, and the business world, IoTty is an example of Bergamo’s continued startup success in Dalmine.

IoTty Direction - Areas of development:
- Smart Living: Smart Living solutions to improve everyone’s daily life. Areas of development: enhancement of Cultural Heritage, tools and technology for the various forms of disability, home automation solutions. Introduction of the latest technology and products: IoT, E015, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality.
- Retail Innovation: Solutions promoting economic growth and the introduction of social meaning to the retail locations. Solutions, products and latest strategic technologies: IoT, E015, Social Shopping Communities, Engagement, Loyalty, Digital Trail 2.0, Augmented Reality.
- Industry 4.0: solutions in line with the new National Plan Industry 4.0. Solutions, products and the introduction of strategic technologies: IoT, Digital Trail 2.0, Augmented Reality, in particularly solutions for both civil and industrial plant maintenance.
IOTTY will be involved in several areas of the market. SMEs represent the primary area of focus, but attention will also be given to markets promoting artistic and cultural heritage. The Sales Manager will then not only have the task of harmonizing the opportunities associated with these markets, but also to evaluate the market dedicated to retail world innovation. For example, an area where IoTty has virtually no competitors is the “Retail Market” where “Digital Scent” could be introduced to give shoppers completely new experiences.

The distinctive composition of the team: its history, experience and expertise, all gained in international and multinational contexts. The IoTty team acknowledges that competition from younger startup competitors could be more aggressive, but they could quickly find they are unable to compete with the depth of experience and qualities of the “IoTty” team.

The competitive advantage of “IoTty” is directly represented by the characteristics and composition and of the team, together with an even greater value derived from the “synergy” to achieve the company policy objectives, for example: Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Digital Scent, IoT, web strategy.

Roberto Zappa

Roberto M. Zappa (1959) is a member of the Board of Elevate (BC) SCA., President of ANIE AssoAscensori, the Metalworkers' group Confindustria Bergamo and Vice President of ELA (European Lift Association). After achieving an engineering degree from the Politecnico di Milano he has worked within the Sematic Group (now part of the Wittur Group, controlled by BAIN). He has held various positions leading to Chairman of the Board, Member and Chief UNI, CEN and ISO and has published numerous technical / scientific papers on elevators and their components at International conferences.
“Digitization cuts across many areas of our lives, with unclear paths and boundaries. It is therefore essential that excellent operational rules including the integration of ethical and moral codes are well defined”. This was the process and starting point that led me to the project site in Dalmine and to the IoTty meeting.
The complexity that companies have to face, requires a change in which the challenge is not only technology but also within business models and the revision of the value creation chain.
IoTty has created the team, the composition and the processes – being aware that technology represents a great cultural transformation tool, in a world where the life expectancy of companies is dramatically shrinking. Within our group we include not only computer specialists, scientists and mathematicians but also more traditional key skills such as mechanical engineers.
Roberto Zappa - CHAIRMAN

Luca Sala

Born in 1961Luca belongs to the “fortunate” generation who has been involved with the Digital revolution, including development and innovation, from the very beginning. President of the Network of Companies HUBIT (The Hub of Innovation and Technology) Luca today concentrates on developing his Innovation and Technology Company. His focus on finding innovative solutions in the fields of Smart Living, Retail Innovation and Smart Factories, building synergy between diverse and complementary ideas to make complete interactive systems.
"Users of the web 3.0 will no longer be solely for people, but also for machines”: they will question the Internet for “reason" and perform their tasks. The machines will navigate on the web easily because they already speak the "data language", exactly the same idiom typical of web 3.0. This will then lead to the indirect creation of "artificial intelligence", which will in turn fuel their own development: the machines will be able to apply the logic and reasoning of the human mind."


TEKNET, founded in 2001 operates throughout Italy, the USA, England, Germany and Switzerland. The company is known for its dynamism and innovation within multimedia communications. It was founded by three partners: Leonardo Pini, Michael Poma and Luca Sfamurri, respectively specializing in multi-media, video / photography and publishing. These three partners coordinate with Matthew Gambirasio - IT Manager of a team of 20 people, including employees and sub-contractors. Their customer base includes large groups such as Brembo, Foppapedretti, NK Group, Guarniflon, as well as a number of local major independent manufacturing companies, and various public authorities. Specifically, Teknet is responsible for: App for Android / iOS, web sites (e-commerce, portals, institutional sites, blogs), augmented and virtual reality, SEO, marketing automation, social management, corporate videos, as well as developing innovative technologies such as Beacon and holographic projections. In their spare time the three are often involved in conferences and teaching of higher education at the local university.


Esprit has a microstructure which operates mainly in the design of software for both industry and commerce, integrating the business with ERP and ad hoc developed solutions. Their market comprises of local companies who require real time factory data management, online checks, traceability of materials, production planning. In addition to application development Esprit also offers complimentary consultancy services at the analysis phase of a company's information system review.


With decades of experience (established 1968 in Como) and hundreds of projects implemented worldwide, Porini provides solutions and specific consultancy services dedicated to the fashion, textile and manufacturing business in Italy and in the world. The broad suite of vertical products based on Microsoft Dynamics & Azure technology, includes ERP, CRM and Analytics/IOT Solutions tailored for medium-sized and corporate firms.


Approved by the Chamber of Commerce in Bergamo, IoTty is a startup founded at the end of 2015 in the Dalmine business development zone.


Via Pasubio, 5
24044 Dalmine (BG)


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