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IoTty - Press Conference

Chamber of Commerce of Bergamo in Largo Belotti 16 - Bergamo to attend the press conference

The case for IoTty, the factory for the Internet of Things:
the success of startups  within the Dalmine “Incubator” Zone

Paul Malvestiti, President Chamber of Commerce of Bergamo
Angelo Carrara, Bergamo President Development
Roberto Zappa, chairman IoTty
Christian Arrigoni, Bergamo Development Director
Sergio Cavalieri, Vice Rector Managing Innovation University of Bergamo
Luca Sala, managing director IoTty

Andrea Roberto Bifulco, Startup Grind director


Press conference

Press release

Biography of the members of IoTty

The SMAU awards IoTty

The Lamarck award is for the outstanding company involved within the Internet of things for the Bergamo 4.0 Development Project for industry


In Milan on 27th October at SMAU 2016, the leading exhibition in the digital and ICT sectors for the Growth of Business Development in Dalmine, Bergamo.  The start-up IoTty Ltd was awarded the Prix Lamarck, dedicated to the most promising start-ups ready to meet the world of industry in open Innovation which is vital to the renewal and growth of competitiveness.

IoTty specializes in the Internet of Things (the world of the Internet extension items, which can communicate and receive data), in the design and development of IoT and IoT devices for industry 4.0. The company's mission is to design products that complement existing application areas, which could help to disseminate, promote and improve production, even today where it collides with economic access barriers, cultural or technical, the innovative potential of the IoT can be applied.

The Prize is named after the naturalist who first introduced an evolutionary theory that living organisms would change gradually over time, adapting to the environment.

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Approved by the Chamber of Commerce in Bergamo, IoTty is a startup founded at the end of 2015 in the Dalmine business development zone.


Via Pasubio, 5
24044 Dalmine (BG)


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