Sophisticated smart factory solutions and smart living


Maint 4.0 is a system that through the use of augmented reality and smart glasses, it allows maintenance engineers to visualize the precise information for the machine set up and optimum performance. In practice, the projection of the information, allows for hands-free operation. Moreover, with the additional “First Person View” support function, the operations center can see what the technical maintenance operator sees in real time, supplying additional problem solving support where required.

“Goletta Lilla” - mapping architectural barriers

IoTty points to a starring role in the world of services, both private and public, creating innovative opportunities related to digital and new technologies. Among the solutions already implemented are the schooner Lilla project maps available on the web for barrier-free paths for 8 municipalities in Brianza. (Info:

Digital Scent

Among the final stage of development projects, is a “Digital Scent” or “Olfactory” control system. This device is critical in delivering complex and highly innovative “Scent” systems related to multi-sensory communication.


The Cicogna (Stork) Project aims to create a new medical device for remote monitoring of mother / newborn in the final period of pregnancy and in high risk pregnancies. It is based on wearable technology with the remote transmission of predefined parameters.
IoTty Interfaces wearable network sensors that monitor the body functions and the transmission of the real time data to a central station.


Approved by the Chamber of Commerce in Bergamo, IoTty is a startup founded at the end of 2015 in the Dalmine business development zone.


Via Pasubio, 5
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