Leaders in ”real application” environments

Our products… the company

They are essential for forward thinking companies that want to innovate their production processes, enabling them to enter the “new world of Industry 4.0”, in line with the National Plan Industry objectives 4.0.

... In Public Administration

They are fundamental in PA, the innovative technologies of the IoTty devices can be used to improve the quality of everyone’s daily lives, for example with automated systems mapping architectural barriers so as to improve citizens movements and accessibility.

... In artistic and cultural heritage

Through IoTty new technologies for the best use of all modern digital protocols essential for emotional and multisensory involvement, augmented reality, virtual and olfactory fact, all become applicable.


Approved by the Chamber of Commerce in Bergamo, IoTty is a startup founded at the end of 2015 in the Dalmine business development zone.


Via Pasubio, 5
24044 Dalmine (BG)


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