The Internet of Things factory

IOTTY is a start-up founded at the end of 2015 within the Dalmine incubator in Bergamo, created by the Bergamo Chamber of Commerce.
IOTTY was created with the aim of designing value-added devices and services leveraging digital technologies for todays' society.
We develop solutions implementing strategic technologies such as the Internet of Things, Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality. We focus on developing solutions in the following areas:
Smart Living: solutions to improve everyone’s daily life, e.g. tools and technologies to help people with disabilities or home automation solutions. Introduction of the latest technology and products: IoT, E015, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality.
Cultural (e.g. museums) and Artistic Heritage: developing devices and applications for the tourism promotion, or to get access to cultural content facilitating its dissemination.
Retail Innovation: solutions to promote economic growth and to give a social meaning to retail locations. Solutions, products and latest strategic technologies: IoT, E015, Social Shopping Communities, Engagement, Loyalty, Digital Trail 2.0, Augmented Reality.
Industry 4.0: solutions in line with the Industry 4.0. Solutions, products and the introduction of strategic technologies: IoT, Digital Trail 2.0, Augmented Reality, in particularly solutions for both civil and industrial plant maintenance. 2

IOTTY's main competitive advantage is our dedicated team which is built by experienced individuals with entrepreneurial spirit who have already been leading companies in different areas. Each of the members in the team excel in a different subject resulting in the ideal combination (“synergy”) to drive our company towards success. Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Digital Scent, IoT and web strategy are our main competencies. Additionally, we have partnered with other companies and universities to leverage the best expertise involved in the development of our products.
Maint 4.0 is a system that through the use of augmented reality and smart glasses, it allows maintenance engineers to visualize the precise information for the machine set up and optimum performance. In practice, the projection of the information, allows for hands-free operation. Moreover, with the additional “First Person View” support function, the operations center can see what the technical maintenance operator sees in real time, supplying additional problem solving support where required.
“Goletta Lilla” - mapping architectural barriers
IoTty points to a starring role in the world of services, both private and public, creating innovative opportunities related to digital and new technologies. Among the solutions already implemented are the schooner Lilla project maps available on the web for barrier-free paths for 8 municipalities in Brianza. (Info:
Digital Scent
Among the final stage of development projects, is a “Digital Scent” or “Olfactory” control system. This device is critical in delivering complex and highly innovative “Scent” systems related to multi-sensory communication.
The Cicogna (Stork) Project aims to create a new medical device for remote monitoring of mother / new-born in the final period of pregnancy and in high risk pregnancies. It is based on wearable technology with the remote transmission of predefined parameters. IoTty Interfaces wearable network sensors that monitor the body functions and the transmission of the real time data to a central station.
Our Team
The strength of a composite team. History, specific skills put into play, experiences gained in international and multinational contexts and aggregation methods that are not easily reflected on the market.



Chairman Past President of the Sematic Group, a leading company in the elevator sector, that became part of the German Wittur Group in 2016. Zappa is a member of the Supervisory Board of Elevate (BC) - Wittur Holding GmbH - a company born from the merger of the two leading companies in the lift sector. He is also President of ANIE AssoAscensori, President of ELA (European Lift Association), the first Italian to cover this prestigious assignment: an enlightened entrepreneur, fascinated by technology and innovation.
LUCA SALA – Managing Director

LUCA SALA – Managing Director

Chief Executive Officer has worked extensively on the organisation and planning of business processes, focusing on achieving efficiency through the emergence of new technologies, especially in the digital field. Founder of HUBIT, a network of companies in which several innovative projects were created for Lombardy, incubated during the 2015 Expo.
ALEXANDRA GAZZOLA – Marketing/Business development Director

ALEXANDRA GAZZOLA – Marketing/Business development Director

Chief Strategy Officer Executive with an extensive background in many sectors of international and multinational importance (Nestlé, Beiersdorf, Fidia Farmaceutici), always dealing with development and marketing strategy in the field of innovation and start-up projects.
TEKNET – Luca Sfamurri – Business Partner

TEKNET – Luca Sfamurri – Business Partner

• TeKNet is an integrated communication company able to take advantage of digital technologies such as Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality. He is the key manager/partner for B2B portals for Brembo and B2C for Foppapedretti.
• Luca Sfamurri, teacher, co-founder and soul of Teknet, directly follows the projects and coordinates a team of 20 collaborators and specialists.
• In IoTty brings the necessary tools for corporate communication and the creation of front-end portals to the end users of the Safety Blue Box services, taking in particular evidence the User Experience.
ESPRIT – Maurizio Regazzoni – Business Partner

ESPRIT – Maurizio Regazzoni – Business Partner

• ESPRIT, a software house operating for 25 years in the field of Management Systems for manufacturing companies.
• Maurizio Regazzoni, founder, specializes in the design and implementation of projects with regard to the integration of business processes. He has designed ERP systems for major software houses based on the state of the art technologies, especially web and mobile.
• In IoTty brings the analysis and implementation of all the IT tools necessary to manage all business processes and the integration of all flows with the company ERP system.
AXELLERATE – Lorenzo Sala - Partner

AXELLERATE – Lorenzo Sala - Partner

• Lorenzo Sala, "Chief Executive Officer in the ERP Division and Fashion & Retail Industry Manager in VAR Group. Graduated in Economics at the University Bocconi of Milan started his journey in 2001 founding a consulting company which became in a few years a group of more than 150 people with strong specialization in International ERP system deployments with industry solution focus. His passion for IT and his curiosity facilitated his adoption of new technologies. The cloud platform shift started in 2012 have been a great opportunity to redesign companies approach and to match new challenges. He is today one of the leading Microsoft Dynamics partners in Italy and in the world."
• Data analysis and implementation of the MS Azure cloud platform
• In IoTty brings the ddevelopment of the corporate ERP system based on Microsoft's Cloud Business Applications
  • 2015
    IoTty, an innovative start-up, is born.
  • 2016
    IoTty wins the prestigious Lamark award as one of the most promising start-up among the 200 companies present at SMAU Milan.
  • 2018
    The SAFETY BLUE BOX is presented at the e2 Forum international conference in Milan.
IoTty, an innovative start-up, is born.
IoTty wins the prestigious Lamark award as one of the most promising start-up among the 200 companies present at SMAU Milan.
The SAFETY BLUE BOX is presented at the e2 Forum international conference in Milan.
With undefined paths and boundaries digitization cuts across many areas of our economy, it is therefore essential that not only excellent operational rules are well defined, but also the integration of ethical and moral codes.
This was the process that led me to the project site starting point in Dalmine and to the IoTty meeting.

Roberto Zappa - Iotty Chairman



Via Pasubio 5, 24044,
Dalmine (BG), Italy


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